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Reverse Osmosis, Purified Drinking Water, ROReverse Osmosis, Purified Drinking Water, RO

Reverse Osmosis

The Millennium Reverse Osmosis Unit by Hellenbrand is the solution for purified drinking water.  This reverse osmosis removes 99% of all mineral and chemical contaminants from your tap water. This drinking system gives you the quality of bottled water at the convenience of your kitchen sink.

Unlike most home tap or refrigerator filters that only use one taste and odor filter this reverse osmosis uses four stages of filtration to not only remove sediments, taste, and odor, but also the majority of other impurities including chlorine, sodium, nitrates, bacteria, nitrates, arsenic fluoride, barium, calcium, chloride, and detergents.  

This system comes with professional installation and a set of filters for the first year. Filter changes are recommended once a year to maintain the purity of water.